We promise to deiver a measurable and sustainable roi model for your business.


We believe in running PPC campaigns that deliver return on investment for your business, so we continually monitor the cost-benefits to ensure your budget is being used efficiently. PPC can provide a fantastic solution to drive short-term traffic, leads and sales. As your customer base grows, we will often look to reduce the advertising spend and focus more on your organic search traffic. We believe this is a more sustainable and cost-effective long-term solution.

Whether you’re driving e-commerce sales or offline leads, we’ll help you to establish precision tracking methods to measure your bottom-line return. Most crucially, our campaigns are engineered around a firm understanding of your profit margins. After all, without understanding profit, it’s impossible to accurately measure ROI.

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Before commencing any PPC campaign, we conduct detailed analysis to ascertain your potential ROI across your industry generic, branded, product and longtail search terms. This helps us to ensure that your advertising spend is targeted and kept to a minimum.

Our copywriters will create paid search ad campaigns that grab the attention of your target audience and are most likely to deliver high value conversions. If you’re in a particularly competitive market, we won’t enter into a bidding war for clicks, but instead use best-practice techniques and algorithms to beat the competition.


Whilst paid search is all about response, PPC display advertising has the added advantage of raising your brand awareness at virtually no cost. We distribute your banner and video ads via Google Display Network to reach your target audience via relevant third party websites. This enables you to gain brand exposure whilst only paying for visitors who click through to your website. Our creative team will produce high quality banner and video assets to really make your brand stand out from the crowd.


Our retargeting campaigns enable you to continue reaching your website visitors long after they leave your site. By serving ads through the Google Display Network, we’re able to keep your brand, products and services front of mind and accessible.


We believe that your PPC activity should be 100% accountable. We’ll continually tweak your campaigns to get the very best results from your budget. We’ll provide regular plain-English reports to demonstrate how we’re delivering to your business objectives, not just traffic.


Many PPC agencies will charge you a percentage of your advertising spend, but we believe that can result in a conflict of interest. Vivid only charge a one-off campaign setup fee, followed by an agreed quarterly amount for ongoing campaign management. We are always upfront and honest about our fees and guarantee you’ll never pay a penny more than you agree to. Not only does this help you to budget effectively, but it can also improve your bottom line ROI.

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